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Plant Protection Products data

Modern day agriculture is heavily dependent on pesticides. National and International pesticide regulations are constantly being updated and having access to the most up-to-date crop protection information is crucial for all stakeholders within the food chain industry. Homologa® compiles and standardizes this information into a single dataset, making it the most extensive global pesticide database in the market.

Homologa®, the largest online pesticides database

Homologa® collects information on not only new pesticides but also already registered and even expired products, as well as detailed Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) data including crops, pests, doses, methods, time of application and much more.  

In addition, Homologa® provides registration types (organic production, emergency approvals, parallel imports…), relevant dates (registration, expiration, last commercialization, and use…), information on seed treatments, Acute Reference Dose (ARfD) and Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) values and international Food Trade Statistics. We always provide direct links to the original sources. 

Homologa® integrates several internationally recognized coding systems (IUPAC, HRAC, FRAC, IRAC, CAS numbers, EPPO codes, EU crop lists and EPA crop lists…) to offer fully standardized information, allowing users to perform comprehensive comparisons between countries.