FoodChain ID Acquires Lexagri.

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Use Cases

  • Farm Management Information Systems

    Add context value to your data, provide helpful crop protection functionalities to your portfolio and offer real support to your users - an immediate USP at your service.

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  • Online dealers and distributors

    Complete and extensive product lists, complex filtering options or product comparisons and helpful context information - you name it, Homologa® has it.

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  • Food safety and certification laboratories

    Seamless LIMS integration provides MRL information by crop and usage where necessary, available and up-to-date around the world anywhere and anytime.

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  • Educational, Research & Public Institutions

    Access harmonized, reliable, consolidated global crop protection data and research by segments to unleash the full potential of hundreds of product criteria.

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  • The Ag Input Industry

    Monitor product brand registrations by markets, product segments or usage, screen for active ingredient replacement candidates and stay on top of market dynamics.

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  • Food industry

    Compare destination and origin market MRLs, monitor treatment alternatives and ensure producer and supplier compliance with common public or private standards.

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