Japan approves a tobacco bud inhibitor based on a new formulation

The Japanese regulatory agency (FAMIC) has approved the product  ホワイトリボン (White Ribbon) registered by the Japanese company SDS-BIOTECH This new product is the first plant protection ... Read more→

Great Britain raised MRLs for two active ingredients (Fluxapyroxad and Oxathiapiprolin)

On May 18th, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) raised the MRLs for Fluxapyroxad and Oxathiapiprolin through the enforcement of GB MRL 2021/002 Decision documents. The ... Read more→

New emergency fungicide approval in Italy: Corteva´s “ZORVEC VINABEL”

The Italian Ministry (Ministero della salute) has approved an emergency authorization for the product  ZORVEC VINABEL(Zoxamide+ Oxathiapiprolin) from Corteva. These active ingredients (Zoxamide+ Oxathiapiprolin) have been approved ... Read more→

New emergency herbicide approval in Spain: Gowan’s “Avanza”

The Spanish Ministry (Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación) has approved an exceptional authorization for Benzobicyclon 40% [SC] P/V used in Gowan’s, Avanza, a group ... Read more→

Iran MRLs standards are now available in Homologa®

The Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) of pesticides applicable in Iran have been added to Homologa®. The MRLs values have been published in 2016 by the Iranian ... Read more→

Russia published new MRLs list: СанПиН 1.2.3685-21

On January 28, Russian authorities published СанПиН 1.2.3685-21 establishing new MRLs for various pesticides.The complete name of the text is "Russian Hygiene Norm 1.2.3685-21 - ... Read more→

USA-EPA establishes MRLs for fluindapyr

On March, 9 the EPA published the rule FR Doc. 2021-04786 that sets pesticide tolerances for fluindapyr. USA proposed and current MRLs are loaded and up-to-date in Homologa® database.   Please ... Read more→

USA-EPA updates MRLs for metaflumizone

On April 19, 2021 US-EPA updated the tolerances on grape and melon among other commodities for the active metaflumizone through the federal register [FR Doc. 2021–07951] USA future and ... Read more→


On April, 13 the EPA published a rule  FR Doc. 2021–07517 that establishes new MRLs on tea and wheatgrass intermediate feeding materials for MCPA. USA proposed and current MRLs are loaded ... Read more→

USA-EPA sets new MRLs for tetraniliprole and oxalic acid

On February, 24 the EPA published the rule FR Doc. 2021-03624  that sets pesticide tolerances for tetraniliprole. Besides, on February, 23 published the rule FR Doc. 2021-03256  that elminates ... Read more→

Great Britain updated MRLs for 5 active substances

Through GB MRL 2021/001 amendment, the  Health and Safety Executive (HSE) raised the MRLs for 5 active substances. The modified MRLs have been published the ... Read more→

China announces a new MRL standard: GB 2763-2021

What is the current situation? GB2763-2019 is currently applicable. This 2019 standard was published on 15 August 2019 and came into effect on 15 February 2020. ... Read more→

Brazil sets MRLs for isofetamid

On March, 15 Brazilian agency ANVISA published in the Brazilian gazette (DOU) the resolutions 1053-1055 These resolutions establish new MRLs for isofetamid and update some tolerances for azoxystrobin Brazilian proposed and ... Read more→

Brazil changes MRL monographs

On March, 8 Brazilian agency ANVISA published in the Brazilian gazette (DOU) the resolutions 946-958 These resolutions enforce changes on the MRL monographs for the following ... Read more→

Food and Trade Statistics 2019 available in Homologa

Food and Trade Statistics 2019 are available in Homologa right now. The source of this data is United Nations-Comtrade. For the first time, Homologa® includes the aggregated ... Read more→


On April 12, 2021 Brazilian gazette published  new MRLs through resolutions 1420-1444 for the following substances: abscisic-acid, cymoxanil, flutriafol, glyphosate, profenofos, tebuconazole, trifluralin and  zeta-cypermethrin Brazilian proposed and ... Read more→

Great Britain MRLs standard available in Homologa database

Since 1st January 2021, Great Britain has its own MRL setting process independant from the EU. Great Britain will continue to follow the EU MRLs figures ... Read more→

USA-EPA approves 96 new agrochemicals

On February 2, USA-EPA released a new list of plant protection products registered in the US. 96 new products were detected by Homologa. 20 of ... Read more→

China MRL 2020 Year in review

The Chinese standard GB2763-2019 sets the MRLs that currently applies for plant protection products’ residues in China. This standard was published on 15 August, 2019 and ... Read more→

Belgium implements new GAP for Tau-fluvalinate PPP

On May 7th, Belgium set new GAP (good agricultural practices) for Tau-fluvalinate PPPs (Plant protection products). Following EU MRL revision and SANTE proposal for reducing the ... Read more→