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Panorama/Solution Finder

Panorama/Solution Finder is a tool focused on revolutionizing the agricultural landscape by providing access to custom dashboards related to global harmonized crop protection data. In today's fast-paced world, farmers and agricultural professionals need timely and accurate information to make informed decisions that drive productivity and sustainability. Our dashboard seamlessly integrates data from Homologa “The Global Crop Protection Database” which contains the most relevant data sources globally, eventually offering the most powerful and robust crop protection data source in the market.

Unlock the power of global harmonized crop protection dashboards

At the heart of our Panorama/Solution Finder lies our commitment to harmonization at Lexagri, ensuring that data from diverse inputs are consolidated into a cohesive and standardized format. This harmonized approach together with the intuitive interface development and customizable features, simplifies data interpretation ensuring that farmers, agronomists, and researchers can easily navigate and tailor the dashboard to their specific needs.

Panorama/Solution Finder spans across over 90 markets, delivering comprehensive insights encompassing active ingredients, crops (including minor crops), pests, and a myriad of additional GAP details. Beyond its technical capabilities, Solution Finder is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Whether you are monitoring pesticide usage, tracking pest populations, or assessing the effectiveness of different crop protection measures, our dashboard provides a user-centric experience that accelerates decision-making and fosters sustainable agricultural practices.

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