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Global Seeds Database

Nowadays having the most accurate data about Seeds is essential for conserving biodiversity, ensuring food security, advancing research and plant breeding, adapting to climate change, while preserving cultural heritage.

Access the most advance Global Seeds Database in the market

The Homologa® Global Seeds database compiles harmonized information about crop, variety, registration number and date, type of registration, trait name and attributes such as physiological characteristics, disease resistance, yield, technological value etc., among others.

The Global Seeds database is a powerful tool which allows to:

  • Access the latest and most up-to date Seeds data at the global level.
  • Exchange seeds data between countries and enable users to access a broad array of crop varieties and traits.
  • Identify traits of interest, such as disease resistance, drought tolerance or technological value, and use this knowledge to breed improved varieties.
  • Enhance the scope and effectiveness of breeding programs, leading to the development of crops that are better adapted to local conditions and possess desirable traits.
  • Identify and preserve seeds that exhibit traits for climate resilience. These seeds can serve as a resource for developing climate-smart agricultural practices and breeding crops that are better adapted to the changing climate.

The Homologa® Global Seeds database serves as a valuable resource for all stakeholders within the agricultural sector, including scientists, policymakers and of course farmers, enabling them to make informed decisions and work towards a sustainable and resilient future.

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