FoodChain ID Acquires Lexagri.

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Private and international standards

International and Private food standards play an important role in food production, trading and market access. These standards define those pesticide active ingredients which should be avoided, eventually helping promote food safety schemes and increasing health awareness for the final consumer.

Homologa® offers up-to-date information on banned active ingredients in pesticides, defined by the chief international standards such as through the World Health Organization, the European Union through its “Candidates for substitution”, and other International Conventions (Rotterdam, Stockholm, and Montreal).

Homologa®: a reference for active ingredients in pesticides

Homologa® compiles information from pesticide active ingredient blocklists, defined by the most relevant Private food standards like Fairtrade®, Rainforest Alliance®, Planet Proof®, MPS®…

This extensive and ready-to-use information on different active ingredients can be easily compared to the existing Brand Registration and MRLs data within Homologa®, offering the perfect solution while analyzing both market alternatives and compliance.