FoodChain ID Acquires Lexagri.

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PhytoScan is a mobile app which enables stakeholders within the agricultural sector (from farmers to decision makers) to check up-to-date regulatory information on Plant Protection Products.

PhytoScan combines information from various sources, including Homologa®

Originally launched in France, PhytoScan is a reference app in the French market. It compiles information from both Basagri, the reference database for Plant Protection Product in France and PhytoData, the national standard for regulatory data in the country which is directly submitted by the industry sector. 

PhytoScan offers full details on Safety Data Sheets (SDS), together with extensive information about crop protection products, including detailed information on registered crops, pests, methods of application, times of application and much more. PhytoScan allows users to retrieve data by scanning the product code (bar code, 2D bar code, UFI code) using its built-in scanner functionality. A set of multi-criteria filters are available as well, giving users direct access to product information. Additionally, users can export the information needed in different formats, which in turn helps in traceability processes.

For Crop Protection Products authorized in France, it is possible to check the validity of a combination of products applied on a chosen crop (from a regulatory point of view) and retrieve information on individual protective equipment as well as information related to product storage.

PhytoScan is fully developed for France and partially available for Belgium. More countries are currently in development including Spain, Brazil, Germany, and Italy. Further markets are to be added soon. 

For more information, please visit the Phytoscan webpage.