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Crop Protection Products Data in Homologa®: Romania

Romania is the 11th largest country in area in the EU (238,397 km2) and the 6th in population (19,328,838 inhabitants in 2020). Agriculture in the country accounted for 4.3% of its total GDP in 2019 (down from 12.6% in 2004) and it employed around 25% of the total workforce in the country in 2017. Regarding arable area, Romania has around 10 million hectares (14.7 million hectares of total agricultural capacity). Cereals account for the largest crop production in the country, especially maize and wheat. Maize production stands out as, not only the largest one in the country, but in the EU as well (9th in the world). Sunflower seed, potatoes, barley, rapeseed, grapes, cabbage, plumbs, tomatoes, apples, watermelon, and soy are (in this order) the most important crops in the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture oversees official agriculture data in the country, including crop protection product registrations. The Ministry, though the National Phytosanitary Authority, maintains a public database with all registered products (including expirations), which is updated on a constant basis with new information. In addition to this source, the National Commission for the Approval of Plant Protection Products, publishes a separate list with decisions regarding pesticide registrations at the national level. The information contained in this list is not always added in the public database and therefore, a throughout evaluation of both publications should be done in order to add all relevant data that could be missing. Only by evaluating these two sources together is possible to have the most up-to-date version of the data in the country.

Homologa® compiles and standardizes both data sources and uploads the complete dataset five times a year. Homologa® contains the following information regarding the Romanian dataset:

General product information:

  • Product name (including second commercial names)
  • Current state (approved/expired)
  • Toxicity
  • Formulation type and class
  • Registration number and date
  • Expiration date
  • Holder

General Active Ingredient information:

  • Active Ingredient name
  • Concentration and unit

General usage information:

  • Full crop information
  • Full pest information
  • Dosage
  • Post-Harvest Interval (PHI)
  • Number of treatments
  • Additionally, both crop and pest stages, could be mentioned as well as methods of applications (including seed treatments)

Homologa® always keeps original descriptions for crops, pests, and usage information in Romanian together with their translations and standardization codes included in the Homologa® dictionaries. In addition, a detailed crop split is performed for all original crop groups according to national standards and/or relevant descriptions.

These features allow Homologa® to offer the most complete pesticide dataset for Romania in the market, which entails a highly enriched version of the national data published by the Ministry and its agencies.

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Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Wikipedia.