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Ireland removes epoxiconazole products from PPP database

Ireland has removed from its PPP database (plant protection product) all the products with epoxiconazole.

As consequence the following products will be shown as “expired” in Homologa® database

Cauldron, Opus, Ceriax, Ceando, Gleam, Icarus, Osiris P, Opus Max, Rubric, Venture Extra, Splice, Inca, Adexar, Pexan, Deuce, Keystone, Seguris, Micaraz, Opera, Corrib, Farmco Epoxy, Spike and Tiro.

This broad-spectrum fungicide has controlled rust diseases in cereals and sugarbeet for over 20 years. However, EU has withdrawn approval of epoxiconazole due to the fact that it has been classified as an endocrin disruptor.

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