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New emergency fungicide approval in Italy: Corteva´s “ZORVEC VINABEL"

The Italian Ministry (Ministero della salute) has approved an emergency authorization for the product  ZORVEC VINABEL(Zoxamide+ Oxathiapiprolin) from Corteva.

These active ingredients (Zoxamide+ Oxathiapiprolin) have been approved for its use to control Peronospora (Peronospora tabacina) on Tobacco in a preventive way. The dosage has been defined as a double dose 0.5-0.6 L/HA with a 7-10 days interval treatment.

This emergency approval(120 days) has been granted until September 11th.

This emergency approval has been already included in Homologa®.

Please visit Homologa® or contact us for further information.