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New Zealand: new Plant Protection Product registrations

New Zealand registered new plant protection products including:

  • A new fungicide Novellus Fungicide from Eden Research Plc, active ingredients THYMOL, GERANIOL and EUGENOL, for use in grapes.
  • A new herbicide COUNTRY MILE GLYPHOSATE 510 WEED KILLER from Agsin PTE Ltd, active ingredient glyphosate, for use in agricultural areas, pipfruit, asparagus, cereal grains, citrus, drains and waterways, forestry, grapes, kiwifruit, market gardens, non-crop land, pasture, soil, stonefruit, threshing peas, and turf. 
  • A new insecticide Expeler from Shandong Rainbow International Co. Limited, active ingredient etoxazole, for use in avocados, pipfruit, and black currants.

These products and all related information about the latest crop protection data available for New Zealand is already available in our database.  Contact us or visit Homologa® for further details.