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Slovenia: new Plant Protection Products registrations and emergency permits

Slovenia has registered six new plant protection products, four of them emergency permits for use until August/September 2022:

  • BELOUKHA, an herbicide from Belchim Crop Protection, valid until 30/09/2022. Active Ingredient: Pelargonic-acid (68%). Authorized crop: Hops.
  • DELAN 700 WG, a fungicide from BASF, valid until 28/09/2022. Active Ingredient: Dithianon (70%). Authorized crop: Hops.
  • REGLONE 200 SL, an herbicide from SYNGENTA CROP PROTECTION, valid until 28/09/2022. Active Ingredient: Diquat (20%). Authorized crops: Potato, clover and alfalfa.
  • TRIKA EXPERT, an insecticide from SIPCAM OXON, valid until 10/08/2022. Active Ingredient: Lambda-cyhalothrin (4%). Authorized crops: Carrot and potato.

These products and all the related data about the latest crop protection data available in Slovenia is already available in our database.  Contact us or visit Homologa® for further details.