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Tag: Herbicide

Belgium: temporary registrations

Belgium approved two temporary registrations: Flazasulfuron products against annual broadleaves and grass weeds on grapes from 01/04/2022 to 29/07/2022.FORCE 1.5 GR (1.5% tefluthrine) against Psila rosae, ... Read more→

USA-EPA: new Plant Protection Product registration

USA-EPA registers a Syngenta cross-spectrum herbicide in soybeans: A23372 Tendovo® Herbicide (cloransulam-m+metribuzin+s-metolachlor):,P8_RINUM:534144,100-1684 Find this update together with the most up-to-date Plant Protection Product data in Homologa®. Visit Homologa® or contact ... Read more→