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USA-EPA: new MRLs tolerances

The USA-EPA has set new tolerances for Thiamethoxam on Pineapple and Pineapple, process residue as described in the following Federal Register: 2022-12880Download This information and all related ... Read more→

USA-EPA: new MRLs and residue definitions

USA-EPA sets new tolerances for Bicyclopyrone on several commodities and a new residue definition for Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED): Find this information together with the most up-to-date Plant ... Read more→

USA-EPA: new Plant Protection Product registration

USA-EPA registers a Syngenta cross-spectrum herbicide in soybeans: A23372 Tendovo® Herbicide (cloransulam-m+metribuzin+s-metolachlor): https://ordspub.epa.gov/ords/pesticides/f?p=PPLS:8:16037516729169::NO::P8_PUID,P8_RINUM:534144,100-1684 Find this update together with the most up-to-date Plant Protection Product data in Homologa®. Visit Homologa® or contact ... Read more→


USA-EPA approved the fungicide #Ipflufenoquin on Almond; Almond, hulls and Fruit, pome, group 11–10. In addition, an exemption was set from the requirement of a ... Read more→


USA-EPA has defined new MRLs for Fluopyram on Coffee green, beans; Grain, cereal, group 15, except corn and rice; Rapeseed subgroup 20A; Egg; Milk; Cattle, ... Read more→

USA-EPA updates MRLs for metaflumizone

On April 19, 2021 US-EPA updated the tolerances on grape and melon among other commodities for the active metaflumizone through the federal register [FR Doc. 2021–07951] USA future and ... Read more→


On April, 13 the EPA published a rule  FR Doc. 2021–07517 that establishes new MRLs on tea and wheatgrass intermediate feeding materials for MCPA. USA proposed and current MRLs are loaded ... Read more→

USA-EPA establishes MRLs for fluindapyr

On March, 9 the EPA published the rule FR Doc. 2021-04786 that sets pesticide tolerances for fluindapyr. USA proposed and current MRLs are loaded and up-to-date in Homologa® database.   Please ... Read more→