FoodChain ID Acquires Lexagri.

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Farm Management Information Systems

Add context value to your data, provide helpful crop protection functionalities to your portfolio and offer real support to your users - an immediate USP at your service.

FMIS (Farm Management Information Systems) use Homologa® to:

Add value to the documentation functionality of their software

Guarantee crop protection cross-compliance of their users

Provide new alert and warning functionalities

Provide detailed crop protection data to global markets in local languages

Detailed documentation of farming operations is the key to transparency and traceability in the food value chain. To achieve quality in production it is important to let the grower concentrate on what they do best and not waste their time on endless product data input. Homologa® guarantees consistent, complete and reliable crop protection data to allow growers to focus on what’s important – no worries about compliance necessary.

Use our available connectivity services (APIs) to integrate Homologa® data with your farm management applications or mobile apps today. The detailed product catalog provides the necessary data to build a vast number of valuable functionalities, including product warnings and alerts, approved application as well as certified crops, pests and diseases or available chemical or biological alternatives and constellations of many common public and private standards. Use Homologa® to access detailed, harmonized data covering more than 90 agricultural markets—making it an indispensable resource for FMIS with global ambitions, one which saves you a lot of work creating and updating your own product catalogues.

The proprietary Homologa® code structure guarantees a consistent and up-to-date availability and connectivity from anywhere in the world. If farm-to-fork transparency and traceability is one of your objectives, Homologa® is the number one resource regarding Global Crop Protection solutions. Start speaking Homologa® today.