FoodChain ID Acquires Lexagri.

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Online dealers and distributors

Complete and extensive product lists, complex filtering options or product comparisons and helpful context information - you name it, Homologa® has it.


Provide reliable, current and complete product data to their customers

Save time completing product information on their online shops

Make product portfolio or inventory searchable by a wide range of criteria

Go the extra mile and deliver more information on combinations, restrictions or dosages

Offer biological solutions for specific problems

Keeping product data up-to-date or feeding new product information to online shops and ecommerce platforms can be quite time consuming. The Global Crop Protection database Homologa® provides services to easily integrate elaborate product lists with a directly connected update service. Do not worry about changing restrictions or legislative product requirements – Homologa® has got you covered.

Homologa® provides a basis for numerous customer- and advisor-friendly value-adding functionalities: search for product alternatives, pest- and disease-compatible products or valid combinations of active ingredients. In case you are internationally active, our database even provides you with all product data in local languages. Stock your virtual shop now – by starting to speak Homologa® today.