FoodChain ID Acquires Lexagri.

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The Ag Input Industry

Monitor product brand registrations by markets, product segments or usage, screen for active ingredient replacement candidates and stay on top of market dynamics.

The AG INPUT INDUSTRY (Crop Protection and Seed) uses Homologa® to

Monitor market approved active substances and brands

Check product registrations by markets and crops

Integrate data flows and products lists in Farm Management and grower solutions

Brand level research is a key decision parameter in the Ag Input industry. Homologa® provides answers to common industry questions revolving around approved and expired crop protection products, registration dates, geographic coverage or even usage details and product formulation. An increasing presence of biologicals, new generics, parallel imports and competitor products require constant monitoring of regions and markets from a crop or active ingredient perspective. The freely configurable report functionality makes it easy to receive information on any changes to the product landscape in question right to your inbox at the desired frequency.

Homologa® connectivity allows the embedded interaction with global datasets in many on-premise systems and dashboard solutions. Combine Homologa® data with further sources to make even more of it or include it in your farmer tools to make product information available where it is needed for documentation. The proprietary Homologa® code system provides a unique opportunity to take a big step towards true traceability. All data is available in English and local languages. Start speaking Homologa® today.