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26 RASFF alerts in agricultural products coming from Turkey

So far 26 rapid alerts (RASFF) have been published this month reporting exceedances and usage of non-registered substances in agricultural products coming from Turkey into the European Union.

Acetamiprid, chlorpyrifos-methyl, clothianidin, flonicamid, fosthiazanate, omethoate and pyridaben were the actives which residues in peppers do not comply with the European MRLs.

In oranges, the excedances were detected for buprofezin, chlorpyrifos, esfenvaralate and fenvaralate.

In mandarins, deltamethrin and prochloraz residues were detected

Lastly, acetamiprid excess was detected in grapes.

All these RASFF led to border rejections.

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