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Tag: MRLs; contaminants and other barriers

USA: new MRLs

USA EPA sets new tolerances for Rimsulfuron on Pomegranate and Tropical and subtropical, small fruit, edible peel, subgroup 23A, in addition to the exemption from ... Read more→

Canada: new MRLs

Canada published new established MRLs for Mecoprop (consulted via PMRL2022-17) and Dicamba (consulted via PMRL2022-18) and new proposed MRLs for Sodium Acifluorfen (PMRL2023-01), Spiropidion (PMRL2023-02) ... Read more→

Canada new MRLs

MRLs for Quizalofop-ethyl have been established (consulted via PMRL2022-15) and new MRLs for Pyrifluquinazon have been proposed (consulted PMRL2022-22). All related information about the latest crop ... Read more→

Brazil: new Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)

Brazil defined new MRLs for nine active ingredients (Azoxystrobin, Amicarbazone, Cinnamaldehyde, Diphenoconazole, Spiropidione, Propiconazole, Pidiflumetofem, S-Metolachlor and Thiafenacyl) through the Normative Instructions no. 179-181 published ... Read more→

Brazil MRLs: update May 2022

Brazil has defined new MRLs for lambda-cyhalothrin through the Instrução Normativa no. 154-156 on Brazilian Gazette (DOU) on 18/05/2022 At the same time a new monograph ... Read more→

China MRLs update May 2022

The current National Food Safety Standard for Maximum Residue Limits in Foods GB2763-2021 covers the maximum residue limits (MRLs) for pesticides in China. This standard was ... Read more→

Brazil: new MRLs published

Brazil has set new MRLs for 54 active ingredients through different Normative Instructions (Instrução Normativa no. 141-151, Nº 83, quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2022). ... Read more→

USA-EPA: new MRLs and residue definitions

USA-EPA sets new tolerances for Bicyclopyrone on several commodities and a new residue definition for Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED): Find this information together with the most up-to-date Plant ... Read more→


USA-EPA approved the fungicide #Ipflufenoquin on Almond; Almond, hulls and Fruit, pome, group 11–10. In addition, an exemption was set from the requirement of a ... Read more→