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USA-EPA establishes MRLs for fluindapyr

On March, 9 the EPA published the rule FR Doc. 2021-04786 that sets pesticide tolerances for fluindapyr. USA proposed and current MRLs are loaded and up-to-date in Homologa® database.   Please ... Read more→

USA-EPA updates MRLs for metaflumizone

On April 19, 2021 US-EPA updated the tolerances on grape and melon among other commodities for the active metaflumizone through the federal register [FR Doc. 2021–07951] USA future and ... Read more→


On April, 13 the EPA published a rule  FR Doc. 2021–07517 that establishes new MRLs on tea and wheatgrass intermediate feeding materials for MCPA. USA proposed and current MRLs are loaded ... Read more→

Brazil sets MRLs for isofetamid

On March, 15 Brazilian agency ANVISA published in the Brazilian gazette (DOU) the resolutions 1053-1055 These resolutions establish new MRLs for isofetamid and update some tolerances for azoxystrobin Brazilian proposed and ... Read more→

Brazil changes MRL monographs

On March, 8 Brazilian agency ANVISA published in the Brazilian gazette (DOU) the resolutions 946-958 These resolutions enforce changes on the MRL monographs for the following ... Read more→


On April 12, 2021 Brazilian gazette published  new MRLs through resolutions 1420-1444 for the following substances: abscisic-acid, cymoxanil, flutriafol, glyphosate, profenofos, tebuconazole, trifluralin and  zeta-cypermethrin Brazilian proposed and ... Read more→