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Brazil: new MRLs published

Brazil has set new MRLs for 54 active ingredients through different Normative Instructions (Instrução Normativa no. 141-151, Nº 83, quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2022). These are the actives ingredients mentioned (registered and/or excluded) in those publications: Catolaccus grandis, Óleo essencial de Cinnamomum verum, Isaria javanica, Metarhizium rileyi, Natamicina, Palmistichus elaeisis, Trichoderma atroviride, Tetrastichus howardi, Diazinone, Diclofop, Dimethenamid, Phenamiphos, Fenarimol, Fluvalinate, Iprovalicarb, Methiocarb, Pyrimicarb, Quintozene, Triadimefon, Triazophos and Tebupyrinphos.

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