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Brazil sets new MRLs and proposes new limits for glyphosate

In February 3rd , Brazil has proposed MRLs for abscisic-acid, beta-cyfluthrin, cymoxanil, fluazifop-p-b, flutriafol, glyphosate, profenofos, saflufenacil, tebuconazole, trifluralin and zeta-cypermethrin through public consultations 991-1011

Moreover, Brazil´s MRLs for imidacloprid, pirimiphos-methyl and N. idaeus  have entered into force through resolutions 407-409

At the time being, Dinotefuran`s monograph link is not working at ANVISA site. However, all the MRLs that apply to dinotefuran are correctly displayed at Homologa.

Brazilian proposed and current MRLs are loaded and up-to-date in Homologa® database.  

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