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Chinese MRLs Standard GB 2763-2021: What´s new?

Chinese MRLs Standard GB 2763-2021: What´s new?

On September 3, 2021 the new Chinese MRLs Standard “GB 27632021” will come into effect.

The previous standard GB 2763-2019 was published in 2019, and it is still in force. Since then, China notified several future MRLs to the WTO which are about to enter into force through the new standard GB 2763-2021. In May 2021, Homologa published a post summarizing how China will implement this new standard. You can find this post in the following link:

The current post will focus on what is new in this latest Standard instead.

1- How many new active ingredients are included in the Standard?

According to our analysis around 300 actives will come up for the first time in the Chinese MRLs list or have extra commodities. Here the first 20 of them:

1.2-Benzisothiazolin-3-One, 2.2-Dpa(Dalapon), 2.3.6-Tba, 2.4-D, 2.4-Db, 2.4-Dichlorophenyl-Benzenesulfonate, 2.4-D-Sodium-Salt, 3-Hydroxycarbofuran, Abamectin, Acephate, Acequinocyl, Acetamiprid, Acibenzolar-S-M, Aldicarb, Aldoxycarb, Aldrin, Alpha-Cypermethrin, Al-Phosphide, Aminocyclopyrachlor.

2- Most importantly, which MRLs will become more restrictive (are going to be reduced) under the new Standard?

An important number of MRLs will be reduced on September 3 according to this new Standard. Homologa allows to extract full details from all of them. However, three cases stand out since they will probably attract more attention due to the fact that affect commodities which are commonly exported from Western economies to China:

MRL for Chlorantraniliprole on plums will get reduced from 1 to 0.3 ppm.

MRL for Triflumizole on grapes will get reduced from 3 to 1 ppm.

MRL for Spirotetramat on cherries will get more restrictive too, from 3 to 2 ppm.

Homologa offers the definitive tool to evaluate not only the latest changes in MRLs values, but also to explore all registrations containing the Active Ingredient linked to those MRLS globally.  

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