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USA-EPA: new MRLs tolerances

The USA-EPA has set new tolerances for Thiamethoxam on Pineapple and Pineapple, process residue as described in the following Federal Register: 2022-12880Download This information and all related ... Read more→

Brazil: new MRLs and Active Ingredients

The Ministry of Brazil proposed new MRLs for Abamectin, Benzovindiflupyr, Chlorothalonil, Cyproconazole, Cyprodinil, Fludioxonil, Fluopyram, Glyphosate, Mancozeb, Methoxyfenozide, Propiconazole, Triclopyrbutyl and Thiamethoxam through Public Consultations ... Read more→


USA-EPA has defined new MRLs for Fluopyram on Coffee green, beans; Grain, cereal, group 15, except corn and rice; Rapeseed subgroup 20A; Egg; Milk; Cattle, ... Read more→

Harmonization process in Homologa

https://youtu.be/yh_JSUfB6UQ Data harmonization is the most important feature of Homologa. Currently, Homologa compiles data from plant protection products registrations in 93 different countries and Maximum Residue ... Read more→

Australia: new MRLs

On September 7, Australian authorities published the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Schedule 20 — Maximum residue limits Variation Instrument No. APVMA 5, ... Read more→

Taiwan: new MRLs

On August 18, 2021 the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) through its Department of Health, published a new Standard regarding Pesticide Residue Limits in ... Read more→