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Great Britain MRLs standard available in Homologa database

Since 1st January 2021, Great Britain has its own MRL setting process independant from the EU.

Great Britain will continue to follow the EU MRLs figures that have been set prior to January, 1st 2021.

The MRLs that have been implemented since that date in the EU regulation have not yet been transposed into GB law:

– EU regulation No 2020/770, date of entry into force 02/01/2021 and concerning myclobutanil, napropamide and sintofen
– EU regulation No 2020/785, date of entry into force 06/01/2021 and concerning chromafenozide, fluvalinate (from tau-fluvalinate), fluometuron, pencycuron, sedaxane, tau-fluvalinate and triazoxide.

The GB standard will cover England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland will continue to apply EU MRLs.

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