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USA-EPA approves 96 new agrochemicals

On February 2, USA-EPA released a new list of plant protection products registered in the US. 96 new products were detected by Homologa. 20 of them are technical products and the rest are conventional ones.

These new products contain active ingredients such as acetochlor, bifenazate, bifenthrin, bispyribac-sodium, broflanilide, carfentrazone-e, chlorpyrifos, clethodim, clopyralid-dimethylammonium, copper-hydroxide, deltamethrin, EPTC, etoxazole, fatty-acids-sucroesters, fenpyroximate, glufosinate-ammonium, imazamox, metalaxyl-m, methomyl, methoxyfenozide, natamycin, neem-oil, oxamyl, oxyfluorfen, paclobutrazol, paraquat-chloride, potassium-phosphonate, prohexadione-calcium, s-metolachlor, spinosad, sulfosulfuron, thiamethoxam and thiophanate-m

These changes have already been added to Homologa® database.

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