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Brazil: new Active Ingredients proposals

The Ministry of Brazil through the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA), proposed Steinernema carpocapsae as new Active Ingredient through Public Consultations (Consultas Públicas) nº 1098 ... Read more→

Brazil: new MRLs and Active Ingredients

The Ministry of Brazil proposed new MRLs for Abamectin, Benzovindiflupyr, Chlorothalonil, Cyproconazole, Cyprodinil, Fludioxonil, Fluopyram, Glyphosate, Mancozeb, Methoxyfenozide, Propiconazole, Triclopyrbutyl and Thiamethoxam through Public Consultations ... Read more→

Brazil: new Plant Protection Products registrations

Brazil registered 28 new products during April 2022 as described in the following legislation: https://www.in.gov.br/web/dou/-/ato-n-18-de-14-de-abril-de-2022-394164237 Bistriflurom and Palmistichus elaeisis are present as active ingredient for the first ... Read more→

Active substances amended in the EU

The extensions of the approval periods of the active substances flubendiamide, L-ascorbic acid, spinetoram and spirotetramat, are no longer justified according to the Commission (Implementing ... Read more→

USA-EPA: new AI tolerance

USA-EPA sets a new tolerance for Sodium salt of acifluorfen on Beet root, sugar, leaves and roots. Find this information together with the most up-to-date Plant ... Read more→