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Tag: Active ingredients

Brazil: new active ingredient

Brazil proposed a new active ingredient, Pinoxadem through the Public Consultations nº 1119 published on October 13, 2022. All related information about the latest crop ... Read more→

Brazil: new MRLs

Brazil sets new MRLs for 13 active ingredients through the Normative Instructions no. 185-188 published on October 5, 2022: Abamectin, Benzovindiflupyr, Chlorothalonil, Cyproconazole, Cyprodinil, Fludioxonil, ... Read more→

Brazil: new Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)

Brazil defined new MRLs for nine active ingredients (Azoxystrobin, Amicarbazone, Cinnamaldehyde, Diphenoconazole, Spiropidione, Propiconazole, Pidiflumetofem, S-Metolachlor and Thiafenacyl) through the Normative Instructions no. 179-181 published ... Read more→

USA (EPA): new technical substance

USA-EPA registered a Bedoukian Research technical substance for incorporation into insecticide end-use products: Delta-dodecalactone. Click here for more details. This active ingredient and all related information ... Read more→

Brazil: new Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)

The Ministry of Brazil proposes through ANVISA, new MRLs for Azoxystrobin, Emamectin Benzoate, Clethodim, Chlorfenapyr, Copper Based Compounds, Beta-Cyfluthrin, Fludioxonil, Ammonium Glufosinate, Haloxyfop-Methyl, Imidacloprid, Lufenuron ... Read more→

Brazil: new active ingredients

The Ministry of Brazil proposes Aminocyclopyrachlor and Doryctobracon areolatus as new active ingredients through Public Consultation nº 1105 and Public Consultation nº 1106 published on ... Read more→