Metalaxyl-M ban on outdoor seed treatments comes effective

On 20 May 2020 the European Commission Decision EU 2020/617 was published. This document renewed Metalaxyl´s use in the EU and, at the same time, it restricted its use ... Read more→

Japan registers a oxazosulfyl product

On March 2021, Japan registered a plant protection product containing oxazosulfyl for the first time. The trade name is アレス箱粒剤3(ares Box GR 3) and it is approved ... Read more→

26 RASFF alerts in agricultural products coming from Turkey

So far 26 rapid alerts (RASFF) have been published this month reporting exceedances and usage of non-registered substances in agricultural products coming from Turkey into ... Read more→

Sri Lanka is now available in Homologa Registration modules

Sri Lanka is now available in Homologa® Registrations modules. The source of data was provided by the Office of the Registrar of Pesticides, Department of ... Read more→

Slovakia registrations data revised

Slovakia is now available in Homologa® Registrations modules with more details than before. GAP information is more detailed (stages, methods, intervals in between treatments, maximum ... Read more→

Poland extends temporary permit for Cruiser in OSR

On May 11, Poland extended the temporary permit for Cruiser OSR 322 FS (Thiamethoxam) in oil seed rape (OSR). This permission will last until 28 September 2020. Thiamethoxam ... Read more→

Ireland removes epoxiconazole products from PPP database

Ireland has removed from its PPP database (plant protection product) all the products with epoxiconazole. As consequence the following products will be shown as "expired" in Homologa® database Cauldron, ... Read more→

Israel proposes new MRL for fluopyram and fluazinam

New MRL were proporsed for fluopyram and fluazinam in plums and zucchini by Israeli authorities. Besides, amitrole MRL will be changed as soon as the next ... Read more→

HRAC has granted the first new mode of action in 35 years

HRAC (Herbicide Resistance Action Committee) has granted the first new mode of action in 35 years. The BASF´s herbicide Luximo (cinmethylin) got the new Q 30 mode of ... Read more→

EU adds 7 actives in the list of candidates for substitution

On September, 17 the commission regulation 2020/1295 was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. This regulation adds seven active ingredients in the list of candidates for ... Read more→

Chile MRLs update

On November,28 Chile published NORMA TÉCNICA Nº 209 which includes a list of MRLs(Maximum Residue Limits) that will entry into force in 6 months time. The new ... Read more→

Canada published new Halauxifen-methyl/Oxathiapiprolin MRLs

On December 21, Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) published new MRLs for the herbicide Halauxifen-methyl on rapeseeds (canola) and the fungicide Oxathiapiprolin on ... Read more→

Australia published new MRLs

On November 17, Australian authorities published Australia New Zealand  Food Standards Code - Schedule 20 — Maximum residue limits Variation Instrument No. APVMA 8, 2020 ... Read more→

USA-EPA sets emergency exception MRL for flupyradifurone

On April 26, 2021 USA-EPA set emergency exception MRL for flupyradifurone in sugarcane and sugarcane molasses. These tolerances will expire by the end of 2023. USA future and ... Read more→

China MRLs, proposal summary

Last week we released a year review of Chinese MRLs Today we are going to focus on the last MRL proposal published on 23 November 2020 on Ministry ... Read more→

Brazil sets new MRLs and proposes new limits for glyphosate

In February 3rd , Brazil has proposed MRLs for abscisic-acid, beta-cyfluthrin, cymoxanil, fluazifop-p-b, flutriafol, glyphosate, profenofos, saflufenacil, tebuconazole, trifluralin and zeta-cypermethrin through public consultations 991-1011 Moreover, Brazil´s ... Read more→

Overview: Great Britain MRLs

Great Britain MRLs have been ruled by the EU-harmonized system for many years. Even right now, once the transition period of Brexit has finished (31-12-2020), ... Read more→

China MRLs update

The current National Food Safety Standard for Maximum Residue Limits in Foods GB2763-2019 covers the maximum residue limits (MRLs) for pesticides in China. This standard was published on 15 August, 2019 and ... Read more→


MRLs, contaminants and other barriers USA   On April, 7th the EPA published a set of rules establishing new MRLs for spinetoram, spinosad and penthiopyrad.  In addition, on April, 5th the EPA published a rule modifying the MRLs for pyriofenone.  This changes together with the most up-to-date ... Read more→